iPhoto for the PC

Anyone who is a Mac user will be familiar with iPhoto (unless they are a die-hard OS 9 user and have yet to taste the delights of OS X). Its a fantastic program and I love just playing around in it… a great way to while away an idle moment. Its great for showing fancy slideshows with music and Ken Burns effects to family and friends, especially on my 17″ iMac (G4) screen…. beats the old photo album any day! If I could afford one I’d upgrade to the new iMac with its Front Row, it justs gets better.

Well, if you haven’t yet switched from the pc to a Mac and you doubt you ever will, perhaps Steve Jobs has something in store for you. I’m talking about iPhoto (indeed the whole shooting match of iLife apps… yes GarageBand too). I’m thinking that he has something up his sleeve to go with the switch to Intel chips in Macs come summer 2006 (if not before). I see no reason why Apple hasn’t secretly been developing iLife for the PC. After all, they’ve been getting ready for Intel ever since OS X came out and technically (all you tech heads correct me if I’m wrong) I see no major hurdles to making it so. Indeed, I reckon he’s keeping it close to his chest but I believe Apple will switch to more of a software company in the near future (2007 by the latest) and make its OS available on hardware other than its own….. not all hardware mind you. I reckon it will start off with making Intel motherboards certified to run OS X, some 12 months or so after the switch to Intel in regular Macs.

Why do I believe all this, you might well ask. Well, for one thing it makes sense to me. If Apple is going to be in bed with Intel, I reckon it will be in a big way and what better way to boost both Apple and Intel’s revenue streams than certified motherboards that will run OS X and if you so choose, Windows and Linux. Also, Jobs is a lateral thinker and Apple would be dead in the water if it wasn’t for his radical ideas. Jobs wants to rule the world, at least as far as technology goes. He’s got 75% of the MP3 player market, who seriously believes he doesn’t want 75% of the desktop and enterprise market. The latter is becoming ever more important for Apple with XSan etc.

Just remember, you heard it first here!

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