Ultra Mobile PC

Intel has announced the Ultra Mobile PC. Does it tell us anything about a future Apple device from Apple? My guess (that’s all it is, as I don’t have any contacts inside Apple) is that it does. Looking at some of the first products matching the spec may give us a guide to what may be on the horizon from Apple. The Samsung Q1:

Samsung’s Q1: A revolution in the digital convergence era slim, sleek and shining through with features, the Samsung Q1 is designed to match the demands for high performance mobile computing and the desire for digital convergence. Featuring fully functional PC power, instant multimedia, car navigation and the latest wireless technologies, all displayed on a stunning 7” touch screen. And at <800 grams, you can take it everywhere and do everything. With the Samsung Q1, it’s not hard to imagine.

With its 7″ wide screen it would make a great Video iPod don’t you think? Also, its GPs system would be great on an Apple product. I can’t wait to see Apple bring its own take on the spoec. In fact, I am going to stick my neck out and predict that Apple will indeed bring out its own UMPC device. My guess is that its minmum spec would be as follows:

1. The ability to download and playback video, music and other mutlimedia files ( a la Video iPod but with a much bigger screen)
2. GPS Nav capability.
3. iLife installed
4. Ability to stream TV and video to the device and from it to TV screens.
5. Minimum storage of 60Gig
6. Touch screen.

When will it come out, I am guessing before Christmas to make it the must have device.


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