Broadband Speed tests

Link to this image to share your results

I regularly test my broadband connection using and my latest result is shown in the graphic above. As you can see I am with Virgin Media (formerly NTL). MY download speed is clocked at 2.2 MB/sec, which considering I am paying for 2MB is pretty good. Upload speed is only 191 kb/sec but the max is only 256 kb/sec on the tariff I am paying so this isn’t too bad.

In case you are wondering, yes I do get similar results to this most days so I am pretty content, thugh with Virgin talking about 50 Mb/sec connections coming sometime soon I can’t wait to upgrade, though cost will be the deciding factor, as with most folk. Whether I need any more speed is debateable of course, but as I download lots of software to test (I earn some of my daily crust giving tech advice and support), as well as movies etc (legally of course) I can always do with more speed. is my recommended providerr of free speed tests as they have ots of servers you can test against and there results are so cool. You can also compare yourself against others and share your results, even place them on your own wensite. I’m looking at offering them on my own site at in the future once I have worked out just how to do it in php.

So, if you wish to check whetehr you are getting what you pay for I recommend

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