Rings | Hena Tayeb

‘Rings’ by Hena Tayeb is the latest pick from my favourite artists at RedBubble. Although her profile doesn’t tell us much about her, she is from the USA. perhaps if you drop by her gallery at RB here she will tell you a bit more about herself (leave a nice comment or better still, buy one of her images!).

I personally like this for several reasons. Its well composed and is an interesting study of the hand. The sepia effect helps to concentrate the mind in my opinion and it just works for me. Let her know what you think and tell her I sent you!


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One thought on “Rings | Hena Tayeb

  1. I too just became familiar with Hena Tayeb’s work. All of her images are well composed and I’m particularly fond of images such as the one on her home page. I love the different angles. Perhaps I will buy an image when I can.

    I’m just starting out and learning a great deal from the work of other women that I’m seeing … especially women who can travel. I’m also learning web design as I go along, and have approximately 140,000 images of my own I have yet to choose from and upload to my site.

    Great work, Hena!


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