Snow Leopard | Next version of OS X named at WWDC

Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Core innovation.

Steve Jobs announced in his keynote presentation what most folk had already guessed, that the next iteration of the OS is to be known as Snow Leopard. Make of that what you will (a sort of 0.5 version update?).

A new section on the Apple site has appeared here to tell us all more about what to expect in about a year’s time, when its due out.

One key change seems to be that the OS will take up much less room on our hard drives. This can only be a good thing, especially for those of us with the first-gen MacBooks and MacBook Pros. I am forever having to delete stuff just to keep enough space free to stop my Mac feeling like its running on treacle.

It seems that the decision to use a cut-down version of OS X on the Apple TV and the iPhone has led to some progress in this respect. I for one can’t wait.

Another key feature of course will be the integration of Microsoft Exchange Support… to be expected if the iPhone has it.

Enhance 64-bit support too is promised, with up to 16TB of RAM being supported. What wouldn’t one give to have a Mac pro with that amount of RAM, though it would no doubt cost the earth!

Improvements that are being touted include 53% faster Javascript in Safari, as well as enhanced multi-media performance and something called OpenCL (Open Compute Library). This will apparently tap into the increasing power of GPU’s and use some of this for other tasks rather than just screen re-drawing. This makes sense if you are not playing games or creating 3D graphics. Why let all that power go to waste when you are manipulating spreadsheets or 2d drawing programs.

All in all, a lot to look forward to and if it fulfills all that it promises, it will be light years ahead of Windows 7!

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