Firefox 3 | Coming 17 June

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox 3 is almost here. Mozilla has announced 17 June as the release date of what is probably one of the most eagerly awaited browser versions ever. After all, who awaits the arrival of another version of IE or even Safari? IE is never worth the wait (ever!) and Apple never tells us too much about Safari s we never really get excited about it… at least I don’t.

Mozilla re even trying to capitalise on it by declaring it “Download Day 2008”, which even I think is a bit much. Come on folks, get real. Still, apparently 1,000,000 people have pledged to download the new version on 17 June. I ask you.. “pledge” is a word you use when you give up the demon drink or make your pledge as a scout, girl guide etc.

Please can we have some perspective on this thing, please…

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