Flock 2 Beta now available

The Beta for Flock 2 browser is now available for those of you brave enough to test it out! I have installed it myself and it seems to be running ok on my MacBook Pro apart from one minor bug. When I click on a link in my e-mails (using Apple’s Mail on Tiger) it switches to Flock but doesn’t open the link in a window so you have to manually enter the link. I have reported the bug.

[Update: It seems that some of my extensions in Flock were incompatible with the beta. Once I removed these, things were back to normal]

They recommend (and I strongly agree) that you back up your settings, saved passwords etc. before installing… just in case it all goes pear-shaped. You have been warned!


New and improved security features – better!

Enhanced performance – faster!

Robust favorites and history handling – stronger!

Download links are found below:


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