MacHeist Does it Again!


MacHeist has almost become an institution as far as some Mac users are concerned… for this one certainly. Their latest offering is Parallels Desktop version 3.0, bundled with Mac Pilot, all for the measly sum of $49!

However, if you are an existing MacHeist customer, you get a $10 discount, making it only $39! That’s around £20 for us Brits with the current exchange rate almost at $2 : £1

Compared to paying the full $79.99 normally for Parallels then this is something of a steal.

In addition, the first 1000 customers to purchase the bundle will recieve a free “mystery application” (one that’s an previous Apple award winner) which will be detailed on Friday. This is rumoured to be either Coda or Lineform.

I already had version 2 of Parallels, as well a paid for version of Mac Pilot, but I took the plunge anyway as its a better deal than paying for the upgrade, especially if you consider that I am within the 1000 customers limit and so I can look forward to another great application!

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