Sales of Apple laptops soar by 61%!

DisplaySearch, an online market research firm, reports that Apple’s sales of laptops are up 61% from the first quarter of 2007 to the first quarter of 2008.

Over that period, Apple has shipped over 1.4 million notebooks, compared to almost 900,000 the previous year. This means Apple lies just behind Asus in terms of growth from year-to-year, as the Taiwanese company saw a slightly higher 67% growth rate. Most other notebook manufacturers saw growth rates in the 20 – 40% range.

Overall, Apple is still in seventh place in overall notebook market share at a mere 4.6%, behind leaders HP (20.8%), Dell (15.1%), and Acer (14.7%), but still ahead of Asus (4.3%) and Sony (4.2%).

Asus is seeing a surge in sales due to its Eee PC subnotebook, which has been extremely popular. If things continue like this, then Apple’s notebook market share numbers should continue to increase throughout 2008.

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