Walt Mossberg’s Tips for Switching to Mac

About Walt
Walt Mossberg writes two columns, and edits a third, for The Wall Street Journal. He also publishes periodic interviews for the Journal, and occasional blog posts on this site. With Kara Swisher, he co-produces and co-hosts D: All Things Digital, a major high-tech and media conference.

Walt Mossberg has written an article laying out his personal quick tips for anyone considering switching from Windows to the Mac. It is a measured and useful article and I recommend it to anyone thinking of switching.

He covers the following topics:
Menu Bars: In Windows, each program typically has its own menu bar. On the Mac, there’s a single menu bar at the top of the screen that changes, depending on which program you are actively using.

Task Bar: The equivalent of the Windows XP Task Bar on the Mac is the Dock. Unlike the Task Bar, which primarily holds icons representing open windows, the Mac Dock primarily holds icons of programs you use most often. To place a program onto the Dock, you just drag its icon there. To remove it, you just drag its icon off the Dock and it disappears in a puff of animated smoke.

1. Start Menu:

2. Control Panel:

3. Keyboard shortcuts:

4. Quitting programs:

5. Maximizing windows:

6. Switching programs:
7. Right-clicking:

8. Screen:

Red the article here


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