Demand for 3G iPhone outstrips supply

The Guardian newspaper is reporting that demand for Apple’s new 3G iPhone is exceeding supply, with O2 in the UK saying it has run out of stock as a result of pre-orders. The iPhone is not due to be released to the public for another 3 days. Looks like the second-generation iPhone is going to break all records this time around. Last time around (with the first iPhone) O2 says 35,000 registered interest in the iPhone before its release, this time its over 200,000. Carphone Warehouse says the numbers are 10 times this time around.

The O2 site apparently crashed due to the number of customers logging on to register their desire for the new iPhone. Carphone Warehouse, the only other source for the iPhones in the UK, says that it still has some stock available for new O2 customers who wish to pre-order. Existing O2 customers will have to wait until Friday to upgrade. However, if things continue like this that may change.

Check out my earlier post for tariffs. A for myself, I am an O2 customer and registered my interest in upgrading. O2 sent me a text yesterday telling me to go to their web-site to upgrade, warning me demand was high. Seems they were telling the truth!


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