Apps Store | Update

Further to my earlier post today, I have checked some of the applications available via iTunes.


As you can see, they include:

Typepad (blogging) – Free

AIM (social networking) – FREE

MySpace Mobile (social networking) – FREE

Enigmo (games) – £5.99

Moto Racer (games) – £5.99

Salesforce Mobile (Business) – FREE

Epocrates Rx (health & fitness) – FREE

Remote (entertainment) – FREE

What’s significant here is that not only are the apps you’d expect to be free, so are some you wouldn’t expect t be so, such as Salesforce. This bodes well for the future of the Apps Store in my opinion and will certainly drive new customers to the iPhone.

So far I have counted 26 pages of iPhone applications (inc. 6 pages of free ones). With 21 applications per page, I make that around 546 applications for the iPhone in total, including 126 free ones!

In forthcoming posts I’ll discuss some applications in more detail.


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