iTunes 7.7 released

Apple has updated iTunes to 7.7. This latest version is required for the new iPhone, the App Store and for MobileMe (Apple’s replacement for its .Mac service).


This incorporation of applications in the menu (see image above) is the most obvious change visually. The download is available via Apple’s Software Update and comes in at 47.9MB. As always, the download is free and is available for both Mac and PC users.


The App Store
The App Store is perhaps the most ground-breaking feature and potentially the one that will have the biggest impact on Apple’s revenues and the popularity of the iPhone. Essentially, it will allow you download applications, including games, to your iPhone, iTouch and iPod.

Already there are plenty of applications and games in the pipeline, to add to those already available on the App Store. Categories range from business to games, education to entertainment, finance to health and fitness, productivity to social networking applications. Get ready of integration tools for Facebook, Bebo and the like. Shame that the camera in the new iPhone is only 2MP, but it will be sufficient for most users of Facebook etc.

Its thought that many applications will be free. For those that aren’t, Apple takes a 30% cut of the selling price, the rest going to the developer(s). Not bad when you consider that 50:50 is a common split in other similar situations.

App Store will also let you know when updates are available automatically. It will be possible to download applications to your Mac and then sync these with your iPhone, iTouch or iPod via iTunes.

For more info visit the Apple site here


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