Belkin introduces a range of accessories for the new iPhone


Belkin isn’t the first name that comes to mind when thinking of accessories for the iPhone. However, they have quite a range, including the so-called ‘Micro Grip’ case.

Made of rubberised material it looks quite tough. How much protection it actually provides if you should drop your precious iPhone isn’t clear. Best not to put it to the test in my opinion. Which leaves the looks of the thing, and for me the lilac colour scheme doesn’t do it any favours. Maybe the ladies out there will go for it, but I can’t see any male users of the iPhone choosing this particular one.

However, it is available in Black, so if you don’t mind the odd look of the pattern (reminds me of Spiderman for some reason). as yet, no prices are given on their site, simply the message that its ‘coming soon’.


Maybe the Sport Armband Plus with FastFit will be of more interest to you, especially if you are into jogging. Advertised as “ultra-comfortable”, it is also hand-washable (handy for getting rid of post-jogging sweat odour) and water-resistant, its intended to be worn on your arm. How practical it is to actually use your iPhone whilst on the go is something I doubt. Still, no doubt it looks uber-cool (and attractive to muggers I would guess).

Once again its not yet available, so price is unknown.

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