Launch of 3G iPhone has its problems

Not everything in life goes according to plan. After all, wasn’t it Eisenhower who said something along the lines of “as soon as the battle starts, all plans come to nothing”. I guess Apple and its partners would agree with that, now that we have seen the final arrival of the 3G iPhone.

Here in the UK, many Apple and O2 stores (and Carphone Warehouse ones too) ran out of iPhones on the first day, indeed, within a few hours. Nt only that, it seems there have been problems too with activation, due here in the UK to servers falling over.

In a bizarre twist, the Apple Store in Regent Street, London, had to install VMWare Fusion on some Macs in order to install Internet Explorer, as this is apparently, the only browser compatible with O2’s activation system!

O2 say the problems started almost immediately, and were due to “huge simultaneous customer demand” – surprise, surprise! I guess that Apple and its partners didn’t believe their own hype, sorry, advertising. Who could have guessed that there might be a rush on the darn things after months of hype and multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.

In another twist, it seems if you want the 16GB model you might have problems – apparently there is only 1 16GB model per store! (O2 and Carphone Warehouse).

Well, I am feeling somewhat smug now that I didn’t waste my time trying to upgrade and I shall wait a bit longer until the initial teething problems are resolved before doing so.


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