MobileMe up and running


Apple’s MobileMe service is now up and running. The replacement for its .mac service, MobileMe offers new features that include easy access to your files from anywhere. Having had the opportunity to try out some of the features, my initial impressions are favourable.


Particularly impressive is the new gallery feature. This makes it easy to upload photographs and other images and then view them in a more modern looking gallery. Viewers can customize their viewing experience with a Coverflow-like interface making it easy to skip through lots of images quickly.


The service is now PC friendly, and works with Microsoft Outlook and allows you to sync your contacts and calendars across you Macs. PCs and iPhones.

I hope to post a review of my personal experience at a later date. In the meantime, if you are not an existing subscriber to the .mac service, the big question is whether or not its worth signing up? Its £48.76 a year and for that you get 20GB storage (for emails and files) and 200GB/month transfers quota. This is better than the .mac service it replaces.

If you look elsewhere around the web you can get free online storage from providers such as iDrive [2GB] and Mozy [also 2GB]. Both offer unlimited storage for reasonable monthly fees. What neither offer though is the integrated service MobileMe offers and for that reason, in my books the MobileMe service is worth the money.

For more info visit here.

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