Apple about to update laptops and iPods?

Rumours have been growing ever since Apple dropped hints to financial analysts that they are about to introduce updated laptops. Now it seems they may also be about to update the iPod. Where, you might ask, is the proof.

Well, of course, there isn’t any, just speculation. However, the fact that Apple is telling its retail partners to stock up on laptops and iPods is an indication that they may be about to revamp their range in the near future. Reports say that they are suggesting a 3 week supply for laptops and 4 weeks for iPods. TUAW and AppleInsider are amongst those reporting the possible changes to Apple’s line-up.

What changes may there be? One suggestion is that the iPod Shuffle will receive and upgrade to 4GB capacity, whilst the iPod Nano could be in line for an upgrade to 16GB and a tall screen.

As for the laptops range, it seems both MacBooks and MacBook pros could be in line for an improved specification or even a price cut. So, what about the rumoured Mac Tablet… any chance we’ll see the technology in the iTouch and the iPhone crossing over to a Mac Tablet and time soon?

In terms of the MacBook, what could we be in line for? Well, for what its worth, here are my predictions:

1. Cheaper entry-level MacBook, perhaps based on the Intel Atom chip and a flash-based drive.
2. Larger screen (16″) top-end Macbook but same or cheaper price than current one.
3. Better graphics chip.

In terms of the MacBook Pro:

1. Cheaper prices across the range, faster chips and better graphics cards.
2. Top end model to have some MacBook Air features, including SSD.

Of course, the MacBook Pro was recently updated, so we may not see any changes to the range, except for minor tweaks such as larger hard drives, cheaper prices and possibly better graphics card in the top-end model.

Well, that’s all just speculation (and wishful thinking perhaps), so we’ll just have to wait and see. If I’m right, I may well upgrade my Macbook Pro, which was the first model (Core Duo only, not the Core 2 Duo introduced 6 months after I got mine!).

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