Lexar Professional UDMA 300x CompactFlash

Lexar has announced a new 16GB UDMA Compactflasg card with a rated speed of 300X. Aimed at the professinal market, the card is also available in 2, 4 & 8 GB capacities.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum high-speed UDMA performance and reliability
  • Dramatically improves transfer speeds from card to computer*
  • Includes Image Rescue™ 3 software to recover lost or deleted photo, video, and audio files**
  • Limited lifetime warranty

On Lexar’s site, there is a table showing what the storage capacity of each card is for various file sizes:

* Actual number of photos will vary depending on camera/device model, format resolution and compression, usable capacity, and bundled software. Actual usable memory capacity may vary. 1MB equals 1 million bytes; 1GB equals 1 billion bytes.MB = megabytes, GB = gigabytes
The 4 GB card is currently available on eBuyer for £35.75 inc. and the 16 GB VAT., the 8 GB at £67.84 inc. VAT. Te 16GB is currently unavailable on the eBuyer stor.
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