New iPod Nano now available

Now in 8GB and 16GB.

iPod nano (black)iPod nano (purple)iPod nano (blue)

iPod nano (green)iPod nano (yellow)

iPod nano (orange)iPod nano (red)iPod nano (pink)

Apple’s revamped iPod range includes not only the new touch but also a new nano.
Available in a new slimmer and taller design, the new nano comes in a wider range of colours.

Available in both 8GB [2,000 songs/ 8 hours of video] and 16 GB sizes [4,000 songs/ 16 hours of video], its available now from various sources, priced £109.00 and £149.00 respectively.

Sporting not only bright new colours, it has a tilt feature, allowing you to view flip through your album art with Cover Flow in either portrait or landscape format. This is possible because of the built-in accelerometer. This also means that you can now play games, just like on the iPhone and touch. The screen is obviously not as big but at 2″ and 320 x 240 pixels should be adequate for most types of games.

You can also watch movies, T shows and videos in wide-screen.

Using the accelerometer feature allows you to shake your nano to shuffle your music tracks. this seems like an easy way to quickly randomise your tracks if you get bored of hearing them in the same order, without having to go into iTunes.

It’s should now be even easier to find the song you want to hear. You can view your album art in Cover Flow or just press and hold the Center button to browse by album or artist. When you find the right song, press the Center button to add it to your on-the-go playlist.

The new nano is certainly a colourful revamp of the range and looks set to continue the dominance of Apple in this sector, at least for the next year or so. Along with the iPhone and the touch, Apple shows its ahead of the game still and together with iTunes (also updated), makes a formidable product range even more so.

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