iLovePhotos | free softeware for your Mac


iLovePhotos is free software for your Mac that helps you organize, share, and enjoy your photos based on the people who are in them.

Face Detection

iLovePhotos finds faces in your photos to make tagging them a piece of cake. After you’ve tagged your photos with iLP, browsing and sharing them is easier than ever.

Automatic Sharing

With iLovePhotos, you connect your photos to your friends and contacts, so sharing them takes no time at all. You can even let iLovePhotos automatically share photos with people anytime you add and tag new photos of them.

Smart Slideshows

iLovePhotos makes every slideshow special. With powerful algorithms, iLP works its magic, using what it knows about the people in your photos to create unique and elegant slideshows that you can save to your computer or iPod or share as a QuickTime movie.

Download iLovePhotos For OS X 10.4+ • 11.8 mb

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