DAZ Studio – Free 3D Graphics Software updated

DAZ Studio is a feature rich 3D figure posing and animation tool that enables users of any skill level to easily create stunning digital imagery. Whether you’re a 3D newbie or an avid 3D artist, you’ll find DAZ Studio is the perfect tool for designing unique digital art and animation with virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, backgrounds and more. Experience total creative freedom with DAZ Studio and express yourself in 3D like never before. Version focuses entirely on bug and crash fixes reported from external users. There are specific fixes relating to crashing that occur when using the Content Manager.

3D Models


DAZ 3D creates and purchases 3D assets with the single purpose of providing the best 3D content at the best prices. DAZ 3D’s flagship line of “Millennium Figures” includes Victoria, Michael, Aiko, the Pre-School & Pre-Teen kids, the Freak, the Millennium Dragon, Horse, Dog, and many more.


DAZ 3D is not only home to the best 3D models and accessories around, but is also where you’ll find the best 3D artists and content creators. Aside from the products owned and created by DAZ 3D, you’ll find thousands of products created by independent artists considered the best in their field.


Join the DAZ 3D Platinum Club and you’ll be guaranteed the best price on any product and also gain access to a library of over 1,500 items that you can purchase for just a $1.99, not to mention the special perks, previews, and other benefits that are available to “Members Only.”

3D Software


Enlarge your 3D toolset with DAZ 3D’s powerful suite of 3D applications including Bryce, Carrara, DAZ Studio, Hexagon, and Mimic. Make your 3D models walk and talk as real or unreal as you need. Dress, shape, style, morph, and bend the models into the perfect virtual actor/actress to fill your project specifications.


Create your own 3D models and accessories from scratch using a broad array of 3D modeling and texturing tools. Or, start with an existing 3D model and customize it into something entirely different and beautiful from within your mind’s eye.


Design your own virtual worlds and environments to fill with your personalized 3D avatars and subjects, or to leave preserved as singular pieces of beauty and wonder all their own. Explore the power of creation as you move mountains and rivers, grow forests and oceans, or build cities and sprawling metropolises.

3D Community


Sit upon the shoulders of the great ones as you join the DAZ 3D community and gain new skills and techniques from others who have gone before you. Read tutorials, wiki pages, blogs, and chats of 3D artists from all over the world.


Give back to the 3D community by sharing your own new found knowledge with others as you continue to grow and excel as a digital artist. Publish your own blog and tutorials, contribute to the DAZ 3D Wiki, and chat with other artists to help grow the community.


Meet people from around the globe that share your interests, hire artists to help you with projects, offer your services to those in need, and form bonds with community members as you interact with others online.


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