Mac laptop rumours get hotter!

Everyone is hoping, and the rumours are increasingly flying about the net, that Apple is about to announce (around the 14th) an upgrade to the MacBook range. The latest rumours say that NVIDIA has been showing laptops to its staff with a new graphics card (by NVIDIA, of course!).

If the rumours are true and we do see a new laptop (no-one is sure whether its just the MacBook or the MacBook Pro as well) with a new, faster, graphics chipset/card, then it will be a real crowd pleaser. Although its possible to play games on a MacBook, the latest games are too much for its puny graphics chipset. Only on the MacBook Pro or the desktop Mac Pro is it possible to play the latest games at any decent frame-rate. Even then, the MacBook Pro is looking a bit long in the tooth and if you own the first generation one like me) then only a few games paly at a decent frame-rate.

Previous rumors
Some rumours are claiming the NVIDIA  chipset is the one that will be introduced, with DDR3-1333 support, and similar to the GeForce 9000 series cards. If this is true, then it will be a major boost to the game-playing capabilities of the Mac. It would certainly fit in with the planned Mac OS X ‘Snow Leopard’, which is touted as having more powerful graphics capabilities.

I, for one, can’t wait as I am in the market for a replacement to my first-generation MacBook Pro with its ATI x1600 Radeon card and slow Core Duo chip (not even Core 2 Duo!).

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