aniMate Starter Bundle

aniMate Starter Bundle

DAZ 3D have released aniMate for Mac and Windows.

The aniMate Starter Bundle includes everything you need to get started in the world of animation! Take your favorite DAZ 3D characters, clothes and scenes, and make them come to life in your own movies and creations. You are the director, so make your dreams come to life – in full motion!

You get:

aniMate: The basic plug-in for DAZ Studio opens the door to your animated movies and creations. This comes with the aniPad, aniTimeline, and 40 aniBlocks to get you started. Import animations, create your own aniBlocks, and start your career as a digital filmmaker.

aniMate Walk Construction Kit: Need more walks? The aniMate Walk Construction Kit has you covered! Build you own walk cycle from 27 aniBlocks, and let your characters walk around in your scenes fluidly and effortlessly. This is a must for creating dramatic scenes and animations.

aniMate Gesture Pack #1 – Standing and Interaction: Start you characters interacting with each other with this package of aniBlocks for interpersonal motions and interactions. Kiss, wave, hug, or angry – your actor’s emotions are under your control.

aniMate Dance Club Moves 1: Got a hot club scene, or an exotic dancer on a darkened stage? aniMate has you covered with this high-energy pack of 19 full dances. Create your own dances from parts of each, or use them as they are. You’re sure to find the hot moves you crave in this package!

…Lights, Camera…aniMate!


    * This bundle comes with four aniMate products:
          o aniMate
          o aniMate Walk Construction Kit
          o aniMate Gesture Pack #1 (Standing and Interaction)
          o aniMate Dance – Club Moves #1
There is a trial version available here

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