Windows 7: 83% Of Businesses Won’t Deploy Next Year

According to the InformationWeek site, most corporate IT departments are planning not to upgrade to Windows 7 until 2011 at the earliest. If that proves to be the case, Microsoft may need to continue its support for XP for a little longer beyond its imminent demise.

Concerns expressed include not only compatibility issues, but also the economic costs. Despite early reports that praise Windows 7, especially compared to Vista, it seems most corporate IT departments are filled with dread at the thought of yet another expensive and potentially disastrous migration to yet another version of the Windows OS that is supposedly the best yet.

Perhaps they should migrate instead to Linux or dare I say it, OS X? Maybe they are? Fifty percent of those surveyed by Dimensional Research said they’ve considered switching to a non-Windows OS to avoid Vista or Windows 7. With another post reporting that Steve Jobs and other Apple executives have recently gained US Government security clearance and that Apple is working closely with military and intelligence agencies in order to push the acceptance of Macs into the military more, perhaps Apple is seeking to take advantage of Microsoft’s problems.

With the iPhone also now available to US government employees, it looks like Apple could soon see progress in its efforts to increase its market share. Lets hope so.

For this and similar articles visit the InformationWeek site here

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