Apple Netbooks coming soon?

Could we be about to see the long rumoured Apple Netbook make its appearance? Maybe, just maybe we will soon see a new Apple laptop, which many are hoping is a so-called Netbook.

What would such a laptop be like and why introduce one into a sector of the market that Apple has poo-poohed in the recent past?

Well, Netbooks have been flying off the shelves like nobody’s business these past 12 months and folk have been wondering why Apple has lept in and why it doesn’t want to dominate the market, like it has with the iPod and the iPhone by producing a better product.

As I have said before, most people don’t need an expensive lump of technology to do what they need to do as regards emails, web searches, social networking (Facebook, Myspace etc) and writing the odd document. In fact, most folk could do all of this quite adequately with a PC costing less than £300. The problem has been mobility and hence the need for a laptop that can do all of this. However, until the Netbok arrived, most folk had to settle for an expensive piece of technology that could much more than they required, was expensive and big and not that mobile. Problems with battery life were a big problem too. After all, most folk would want to use their laptop for a whole day without having to plug it into the mains…. after all we are used to mobile phones and iPods that can, so why not a laptop?

Well, the Netbook has been the best answer so far to that desire. Now it looks like Apple may finally be getting on board the train before it has left them behind. Lets hope so.

For what its worth, here is my ‘wish-list’:

  • 12″ screen – 8.9″ to 10″ is too small
  • full keyboard
  • Wi-Fi
  • 2 GB Ram
  • iSight camera
  • Price below £400

That would be my minimum spec… what we don’t want is another expensive piece of technology from Apple.. especially in this current climate. Also, as someone who helps friends and others make decisions about which computer to buy, its always been difficult persuading folk to go with Apple due to the price. They want to and they know pcs suck but Apple is just too expensive for most folk who don’t have a corporate expense account. So come on Apple, doing something for the little folk, please.

However, the likelihood is that instead of entering the Netbook market, Apple is in fact going to introduce price cuts in its entry-level models. This would be a welcome move and I hope we can see a Mac Book for less than £400. i know, I must be dreaming, but dreams do come true sometimes and Apple, better than any other company, knows how to make a dream machine… iPod, iPhone or the latest Mac laptops for example.

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