Apple to redefine Mobile Video?

Image via CrunchBase

Is about to introduce mobile video editing on the iPhone? According to Peter Burrows of BusinessWeek on April 30 they could be abut to do just that. Apple recently introduced its iPhone 3.0 software and according to sources like Gizmodo, the evidence is buried in the new iPhone software.

With the growing popularity of mobile video (think of the Flip) it would be logical next move for Apple. After all, they completely dominate the portable audio market with the iPod, they have revolutionised the mobile gaming market with the iPhone and the iTouch and they are leading the way with the iPhone as regards the mobile smart-phone market. Remember too that the various hacks out there to enhance the iPhone’s capabilities as regards stills and video are evidence of pent-up demand.

So, just think of how great it would be have a simple way of shooting video, edit on your iPhone and then send it to your mother! Apple may be about to make that dream a reality.


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