Apple laptops sweep the board in latest Consumer Reports’ latest study!

Despite all the bluster of Microsoft’s latest campaign against Apple laptops, the truth is that they offer the best combination of performance, design and value, at least that what Consumer Reports says (similar to Which here in the UK).

In the 13″ category, Apple captured the top 3 places with its unibody MacBook taking 1st place, the SSD MacBook Air taking 2nd place and the plastic MacBook taking 3rd place!

In the 14″ – 16″ category, Apple again won the top honours, this time with 15″ MacBook Pro. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the subject of its third TV campaign, the Soany VAIO FW came fifth, quite a way behind Apple.

In the 17″ – 18″ category, Apple again was top dog with the 17″ MacBook pro taking the honours, whilst its nearest competitor scoring only 64 points, compared to the MacBook Pro’s 80. Again, embarrassing for Microsoft, the HP Pavilion dv7 featured in its campaign, came fourth with only 59 points!

Apple also scored top marks for technical support. In the desktop stakes Apple came a close second in two categories.

So, I guess that once again Microsoft can only react with dismay at Apple’s success. Whether they will acknowledge the fact is another matter entirely.


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