Twitterrific for Mac – Version 3.2 for Desktop available

The venerable desktop client that started it all, Twitterrific from the IconFactory, is still free (ad-supported). Designed to take up minimum screen real estate in an attractive interface, Twitterrific for Mac is easy to use and versatile for the Twitter addicted amongst you.

Features of the latest version include:

  • Small Desktop Footprint –

    Designed to let you view as much or little information as you desire.

  • Growl Support –

    Harness the power of Growl to change the way new tweets are shown on the screen.

  • Auto Refreshing –

    User defined intervals let you decide how often Twitterrific displays new tweets.

  • Applescript Support –

    Filter tweets, add custom behaviors & more with the power of Applescript.

  • Audio Notifications –

    Twitterrific alerts you to new tweets with a host of customizable, friendly bird calls.

  • Much More! –

    Drag tweeets to the desktop, explore settings, hotkey commands & more.

Available for Mac OS X and the iPhone & iTouch. Download it here.

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