MacUpdate Promo is up and running!

If you are familiar with MacHeist then you may be interested in the MacUpdate Promo, offering $521.71 worth of Mac software for just $49.99, with added value for the first 15,000 customers in the form of 2 bonus apps.

The bundle includes the following apps:
• TechTool Pro 5
Comprehensive tools for your Mac and hard drives.
• Parallels Desktop 4
Run Windows, Linux, and more alongside Mac OS X.
• Circus Ponies Notebook 3
Organized your digital life.
• NetBarrier X5
Robust firewall and intrusion detection.
• DVDRemaster Pro 5
Backup your DVDs and put them on other Apple devices.
• Multiplex
Your Mac is your new DVD player.
• RipIt
Get your movies off DVD and onto your Mac.
• MoneyWell
Manage your personal finances.
• Paperless
Digital document manager.
• Posterino
Create posters, postcards, and more.
• BetterZip
Create and manage compressed archives.

Bonus apps for the first 15,000 purchasers are:
• Jets’n’Guns Gold
New version of the hit classic.
• CuteClips
Clipboard manager.

Now, just for Tech Tool Pro 5 and Parallels Desktop 4 its a bargain as these two retail at $98.00 and $79.99 respectively, so you are saving almost $130 before you add in the rest of the deal!

As there are jut over 14 days remaining of the promo and already 7,000 bundles have already been sold, I suggest getting a move on if you want to get a real bargain. Visit the MacUpdate Promo site at

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