Evernote for Mac Gets Quick Look and HTML Export

Evernote Logo
Evernote, which allows you to capture all sorts of things (tasks and dates, web pages, notes, snapshots and even Twitter messages) and sychronise it all online, has announced an update for the Mac version. An option to export notes in HTML makes it easier to share your data. In addition, Quick Look for attachments has been introduced. This makes it easier to view attachments within Evernote.
Another addition is the All Notes button. this lets you clear out any searches and filters you may have set up and resets the view to All Notebooks.

Other great improvements

  • ‘Save As’ now works for audio files contained within notes
  • Improved and simplified menus – we’ve scrubbed every menu with a fine-toothed-mixed-metaphor-comb to make them all consistent
  • Numerous bug fixes throughout

To read more about the recent updates, visit http://blog.evernote.com/2009/05/26/evernote-for-mac-update-2/

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