Pogoplug allows you to share and access your data from around the world!

The Pogoplug
The Pogoplug is a small device that plugs into your wall, and connects to your home router and to any external hard drive. After a very simple setup, you can share and access media and files from anywhere in or out of the home. All you need is an Internet connection!

The Pogoplug is the perfect accessory to your connected life. Imagine accessing all your files and media from any laptop or desktop computer, anywhere in the world. There’s even an iPhone application so you can always “phone home” to get your files!

The device has several features that make it an attractive appliance. These include:

  1. Easy installation – connect just two cables and then visit the Pogoplug website to configure and get going!
  2. All your files are accessible via your web browser from anywhere. – no extra software needed!
  3. iPhone support – access your drive from your iPhone and even send pictures  to your drive at home with a single click!
  4. Explore your files – use Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer to browse through your files remotely!
  5. Share your files – share files with friends and family easily!
  6. Add-ons – easily expand Pogoplug over the web. new add-ons coming soon!

Te device is quite small, measuring only 4″ x 2.5″ x 2″ (L x W x D). It use USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet coonections. Its Mac (OS x 10.5) and PC (XP & Vista) compatible, and works with Safari, Firefox 3, IE7 and Chrome browsers. It should also work with Flock and Minefield that are based on the same code base a Firefox.

Available now for $99.00 from http://store.pogoplug.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=POGO-E01


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