Snow Leopard Up-to-Date program announced by Apple

MacBook with Leopard Disk

Apple has announced that customers who purchased a qualifying system or Xserve on or after 8th June that does not come with now Leopard can upgrade to the latest version of OS X just the shipping costs ($9.55/£7.95).

Mac OS X Snow Leopard refines the elegant Mac OS X user experience with lots of little touches and performance improvements that will make using your Mac even more enjoyable. It also includes a few big foundation technologies designed to tap the power of today’s computer hardware and provide a strong base for innovation.

Snow Leopard is the much-awaited (or much-hyped… depending on your perspective) update to OS X and will include several significant updates and features. These include:

  • A new Finder – re-written to take advantage of 64-bit support and Grand Central Dispatch, Apple’s technology for optimising performance for multi-cores
  • Exposé and Stacks – Exposé is now integrated into the Dock and Stacks are scrollable
  • Quicker Time Machine Backup – reduces the time backups take by 50%
  • Faster wake up and hit down – wake up happens in half the time and shut down in around  quarter. Joining wireless networks is also meant to be 55% quicker
  • Updating quicker and more reliable – the entire process has been simplified, streamlined and is up to 45 percent faster, yet more comprehensive and reliable
  • Reduced footprint – Snow Leopard requires less than half the disk space than Leopard, freeing up about 6GB of precious space
  • Quicktime X – the next-generation media technology that powers the audio and video experience, with built-in uploads to YouTube and MobileMe, as well as HTTP-bed live streaming and improved colour accuracy

All in all, if you haven’t already made a purchase, now would be a good time to go ahead rahter than delay just to wait for now Leopard. Now there is no reason to wait… unless you are still hoping for the Apple Media Pad!

One thought on “Snow Leopard Up-to-Date program announced by Apple

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