Steve Jobs has returned to Apple HQ in Cupertino, California!

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Acccording to CNBC’s Silicon Valley correspondent Jim Goldman, employees at Apple reported that CEO Steve Jobs returned to work at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California on Monday. This comes on the same day Jobs was quoted in an Apple press release announcing that the iPhone 3GS sold over 1 million units during its first weekend.

Jobs has been on medical leave from Apple since January and was originally slated to return by the end of June to the company he co-founded in 1977. However, it was recently reported that Jobs had a liver transplant in Tennessee just two months ago.

It’s unclear whether Jobs’ reported appearance today was a single event, the beginning of a part-time return, or his official return to duty.

Goldman wrote, “Officials at Apple have yet to respond to multiple phone calls and emails seeking guidance about Jobs and his whereabouts, but employees are doing what Apple PR isn’t, and that’s confirming that he’s here at work… The news is solid. Jobs is back in the house, at least for today.”

This is great news for Apple as a company, not just in terms of its business status but no doubt for team morale. Hopefully he isn’t back too early in view of his recent surgery and that he takes it easy.

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