GeekAtPlay Studio – excellent 3d graphics site for hexagon, Daz3D Studio and Photoshop!

GeekAtPlay Studio is an excellent site for anyone interested in 3d graphics. The staff are very industry experienced artists and very talented. They are:

Vladimir Chopine View Vladimir Chopine's profile on LinkedIn
Partner Geekatplay Studio

Founder and Creative Director, Vladimir develops the ideas and artwork, does the research, and coordinates the efforts at Geekatplay.

Trained in film production and computer sciences, if you don’t find him in front of a computer, you may find him in front of the stove, a movie screen, or playing around with his kids.

Jason BuchananView Jason Buchanan's profile on LinkedIn
Partner Geekatplay Studio

At GeekAtPlay, Jason wears many hats, including Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and handling business relations.

When he’s not working at GeekAtPlay, Jason enjoys Painting, Illustration, dabbling in Martial Arts and spending time with his wife, Amy, and their four children.

Ami Chopine View Ami Chopine's profile on LinkedIn
Writer and Editor

Ami is a professional writer whose mad desire for correct English landed her a job editing and narrating at Geekatplay.

A published author and graduate of Orson Scott Card’s Literary Bootcamp, she loves writing speculative fiction, reading, and triathlon training. She is better at growing human beings than plants.

Amy Buchanan
Recording Artist

Trained as classical musician and vocal artist, Amy spends most of her working hours glued to a microphone.

When she’s not recording for GeekAtPlay, Amy spends her time working on her debut record, finding the patience to put up with her husband, Jason, and enjoying her children.

Jared Buchanan
Director of 3D Content / Master Rigger

Having won many awards early on in his career, Jared comes to GeekAtPlay from Daz 3D and brings expertise in 3D modeling, rigging and Poser development.

When Jared’s not busy dispensing 3D knowledge, you’ll likely find him tricking out his latest car project or coming up with material for his next comedy routine at the water Harris, M.S.
Learning Development Director

Jim’s love for learning and his passion for assuring others “get it”, landed him at the Geek At Play Studio. Learning Projects(training & tutorials) and Corporate University Development improve with his influence.

An innovative educator and certified teacher, Jim applies what he knows about learning in home renovations, personal study, gardening, cycling, and backpacking. When not in a learning mode, he is getting schooled by his grandkids.

Gary Miller

Gary Miller has been involved in computer graphics since 2001 when he first bought a copy of Bryce 5. From there his interests have grown to include Photoshop, Vue, Hexagon, Poser, Cinema 4d, BodyPaint 3d and others. After retiring in 2001 he taught himself modeling, texturing, composition, lighting and other areas all with the generous help of others who have created tutorials and other resources and shared them on the internet.

Gary and his wife Catherine are very happily married and live in So. California with their two children, Nicholas and Grace as well as a petting zoo worth of animals. Gary lends his time and skills as well as his wife’s patience, to give back to 3d Hexagon, community.

The site has excellent tutorials that are easy to follow and cover various levels of experience in Hexagon, Vue, Daz3D, Poser, Photoshop and Cinema 4D. You can watch the tutorials individually or download them at a reasonable cost in ‘Mega Packs’ (around $25 each). Included in each ‘Mega Pack’ are not only tutorials, but resources incudign materials, models, textures and nodes (in the Vue packs). They also have some free downloads.

Check out their site at

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