Micro-projectors coming to the iPhone?

The new Apple iPhone
Image by Victor Svensson via Flickr

DIGITIMES daily IT news

According to DigiTimes, Foxlink in Taiwan is developing micro-projectors in partnership with a handset maker, apparently in Europe. Speculation is that Apple, along with Samsung and Nokia, is planning to release an Phone with a built-in micro-projector. DigiTimes quotes sources within the Taiwan business sector and feels that Foxlinks links with Nokia and Apple support the veracity of the reports.

Certainly, if Apple were to go down this route then it could only strengthen its brand as one that is trong on innovation and leading from the front. There is a definite trend to smaller projectors and talk of micro-projectors ha been around for quite a while with various prototypes demonstrated. Wheter  Whether Apple will introduce a new iPhone so soon after the recent launch of the iPhone 3GS is, I think, unlikely. I would expect them to release a new model about this time next year at the earliest, partly because they would want the technology to be robust and a viable one. Apple doesn’t do gimmicks.

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