AudioCodex from MchineCodex allows you to control your media like never before.

Finely-tuned control over your media has never been this easy or fun! AudioCodex simply provides ultimate power and flexibility in playback — effects, reverb, visualizers, loops, time, pitch and more — so you can mash up your movies and tunes like never before.


iTunes Integration

You’ve put a lot of time into collecting and organising your iTunes Library. AudioCodex allows you to access all your playlists, tracks and tunes from the iTunes source.

Core Audio FXChain

Apple’s Audio Units are the industry standard effects plug in format. There are literally thousands of AUs available. And they all work in AudioCodex.

Per track settings

Unlike other players, AudioCodex automatically saves effects, reverb, equalizer, visualizers and in fact all your settings on a per track basis. Or go global, it’s up to you.

Quartz Compositions

AudioCodex is one of the first apps to implement the Quartz Composer Music Visualizer protocol. Which means stunning animations which react to your music. Use our included modules or create your own!

Independent time & pitch

For musicians, the ability to slow down or speed up a track without altering pitch is a key to learning. For DJs, fine pitch or beat matching is essential. AudioCodex makes it simple.

Media support

AudioCodex supports almost all media types, and does everything you expect from a player: full screen or windowed mode, track browsing, playlists, watched folders, and much more.

AudioCodex splash

Available for $29.95, there is a 30-day trial. Requires OS X 10.4+ (10.5.5 recommended).Get it from here:

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