Mac Tablet rumours heating up again!

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It seems that those boffins over at Apple HQ never sleep, if rumours are to be believed! Yes, you guessed it… another round of rumours featuring Apple are once again doing the rounds. This time its reporting the latest one.

They report that Apple will release a 3G tablet device (Media Pad?) in time for the holidays (US I presume a we Brits are already in the holiday season). It is rumoured to have a 9 – 10 inch touchscreen and be subsidised by Verzion. In terms of price its no doubt going to be expensive compared to other products as Apple is definately a premium brand, even with the subsidy.

So, will it happen? Personally, I doubt it, at least until 2010. Apple has just released the iPhone 3GS and with the roaring success of the App Store, I can’t see why Apple would want to dilute its market. A mac Tablet would have to be omething really special and offer something that the iPhone doesn’t, making it more like a laptop and then you have the problem of why Apple wold undercut its successful laptop range?

My only observation is this: with the recent updates to its laptop range and the Macbook that became a MacBook Pro, maybe Apple is about to phase out the Macbook range and replace it with a new range of MacTablets? If so, expect that to happen when the Macbook range is due for an update… around June 2010 in my book a it wa this June that the white Macbook received some tweaking and much-needed upgrdes, mainlu n the graphics department.

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