Apple could be about to introduce revamped iMac range?

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Specualation about Apple and its products is a full-time job for some. If its not abut the Mac Tablet (or MediaPad), its the iPhone or its the laptops or the desktops. Hardly a day seems to go by without some new rumour or specualtion. Well, the latest one seems to be a revamp of the iMac range (hot on the heels of the possibility of Office for the iPhone – thought that’s technically a Microsoft announcement!).

AppleInsider, perhaps the most reliable of sources (having accurately predicted the cuts in Apple’s Laptop range), s now saying that the iMac range will be next. It was only in March that the iMac range was refreshed but AppleInsider sees autumn (Fall to our North American cousins) as a likely time for another refresh. Its rationale is that the profits from the iPhone (estimated as much as 60% on a 32GB iPhone 3GS) is helping Apple through the recession and made it possible to cut laptop price by 7 – 10%. It feels a similar price cut is on the cards for autumn. This would be a welcome move. How it will fit in with the rumoured announcement  of a iPhone-like Mac Tablet (MediaPad or whatever… who knows what it will be called if it ever sees the light of day and frankly, who cares as long it actually exists!) is another factor to take account of.

However, the speculation is that not only will the range get a price cut but that Apple will take the opportunity to introduce new features as well. What these new features will be no-one seems to know (at least nobody who is talking). So, for what its worth, here are my humble predictions:

1. Even slimmer design, similar to the 24-inch LED Cinema Display
2. Anti-glare screens, most likely LED but possibly OLED
3. SSD option on some models and an SD slot
4. Better graphics across the range, with the GeForce 9400M dropped in favour of faster models, perhaps with GDDR5 memory
5. Price cuts across the range with the 20″ coming in at £799 (a cut of 15%)
6. Faster CPU, perhaps iCore 7?

So, its certainly going to be an interesting time and whatever happens, Apple seems set for another fantastic year. Let it roll!

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2 thoughts on “Apple could be about to introduce revamped iMac range?

  1. that makes sense. good post. do you think that apple will refresh the Mac Minis? Maybe down to $500 for a low end Mini and $1000 for low end iMac?


    • There is talk of Apple revamping the mini with a Blu-ray drive and perhaps replacing the Apple TV with the new model. The Apple TV hasn’t been a runaway success like the iPod and iPhone but Apple could have ditched it a while back so it begs the question “why not?” My guess is that they will continue to keep the mini as a desktop pc and add Blu-ray to Apple TV. As to price, I can see some price reduction in the future, whenever the next update comes around. Certainly, a price of $499 would sell more of them in my book and I know a few folk who would buy one if it was cheaper as they already have separate LCD monitors and USB keyboards etc.


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