iPod Touch specs and price changes announced.

Along with the announcement of the new nano (with video), Apple released details of the updated iPod Touch range. There were no major changes to the spec (no video camera- probably to keep some distance between the Touch and the iPhone) but the 32GB and 64GB models have been tweaked to improve performance, with Apple quoting a 50% boost. The 8GB version remains the same spec wise but is now only £149. The 32GB version is £229 and the 64GB £299.

At the presentation today Phil Schiller made a few digs at Sony and Nintendo for their lack of game titles compared to Apple’s (607, 3,680 and 21,178 respectively). Certainly, the Touch now looks to be a great gaming platform with new titles coming out all the time.  One game that is sure to be popular is Assassins Creed. Lots of games companies are now vying to get a piece of the Apple pie, including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Tapulous and Gameloft. All were at the event to show off their new games. Things can only get better!

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