MacHeist nanoBundle – only 5 days left to get free apps!

MacHeist is well-known in the Mac community for offering great deals on bundles of Mac software. There have been 3 ‘heists’ so far with thousands benefiting from the latest software at fantastic prices. I have participated in all three and have found them to be well worth participating in. The next major ‘heist’ hasn’t been announced yet but there is what they are calling the ‘nanoBundle’.There are five apps available for free right now, with a sixth, Mariner Write becoming unlocked when 500,000 folk have participated. Currently 127,641 have so there is a way to go before the target is reached. If you haven’t participated yet there are only 5 days left so you had better get a move on!

So far, with over $19,665,800 saved it represents a great deal for anyone looking for great Mac apps at the lowest price possible (zero!). If they manage to reach their target of 500,000 then Mariner Write for zilch (instead of $50) makes the bundle represents a saving of almost $154 per bundle!

Included in the bundle are:

  • Shovebox from Wnder Warp Software ($24.95) – handy utility for saving and organising bits of information.
  • WriteRoom from Hog Bay Software ($24.95) – distraction free writing in a very elegant package.
  • Twitterrific from Iconfactory – ad-free version of the popular app for all you Twitter addicts!
  • TinyGrab from TinyGrab software – simple screenshot sharing via email, IM, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Hordes of Orcs from Freeverse – a Tower Defense strategy game with six game variations.
  • Mariner Write from Mariner Software ($49.95) – a fast word processor for everyone (unlocked when target of 500,000 reached).

You can participate at

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