Get 7 great Mac graphics apps for $39.99 instead of $251!

MacGraPhoto has a limited offer where you can get 7 great graphics apps for the Mac for only $39.99. Hurry now though as the offer expires on just over 11 days (30 Nov 2009).

Similar to the MacHeist bundles, this is a fantastic way of getting hold of some great apps at a knockdown price. The apps are:

There is also a special offer whereby 10 lucky customers will get a free Cashculator license. According to apparentsoft:

“Cashculator is not yet another personal finance application

It is different from other personal finance applications which are complex and focus on past transactions.

Easier than a spreadsheet – the simplest way to manage your finances

Like a spreadsheet, Cashculator is very visual and straightforward. Built specifically for personal finance, Cashculator improves upon a spreadsheet by supporting budgeting, easy “what-if” scenarios comparisons and more.”

Priced at $29.95 for a family license or $49.95 for a commercial license, there is currently an offer of $10 discount using the code CCINTRO10D.

Head over now to before you miss this great offer!

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