Don’t sign up for the iPhone… just yet!

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If you don’t yet have a contract or an unlocked iPhone, don’t sign up just yet! Now that Orange and Vodaphone are confirmed to have the iPhone on their UK networks (Orange is already offering the iPhone, Vodaphone comes in the New Year) there was a general expectation that we would see price cuts. So far, this hasn’t happened and generally speaking lots of range customers are pretty pissed off about it.

However, that may soon be abut to change. The word is out that Tesco are to sell the iPhone and rumours are that they will have it availble for Christmas. With their reputation for cutting costs and their ambition to expand their mobile phone netwotk presence, we could be abut to see a price war… good news for the consumer and something that will no doubt upset the big network players, especially Vodaphone who will, in effect, be trumped by a supermarket chain, ouch!

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