Apple updates Mac Pro and Xserve on the quiet

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Apple sometimes makes a show of updates to its hardware range, and then sometimes it doesn’t. This is ne of the latter. They have upgraded the optiosn available, so you can now specify your single-chip Mac pro with a 3.33 GHz Quad-core Xeon, compared to the max 2.93GHz one available on the dual-chip model.

Xserve can now accept 4GB memory modules, recognising up to a 24GB in total in the single-chip version and up to a whopping 48GB in the dual-chip model.

In addition, you can now configure your choice with 2TB drives, meaning you can have up to 8TB in your Mac Pro or 6TB in your Xserve. However, non of these options come cheap, unsurprisingly as Apple is well-know for charging top dollar for Ram. AS of now the UK Apple site hasn’t been updated to reflect these upgrades, so we will have to wait for UK prices.

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