iTunes Streaming Service on the cards?

Image representing Lala as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Reports are in the wild that Apple has struck a deal with music-streaming service Lala. Opinions vary as to whether its a total buyout or some other deal. Speculation is that Apple will be introducing a streaming service to iTunes (a la Spotify and others).

Lala’s co-founder Bill Nguyen demoed an iPhone app in October that allowed ‘intelligently cached’ songs to be streamed to your iPhone. Also, the Lala model for music streaming and their Lala’s bundle-payment setup, where users buy stream credits are attractive one to Apple as they could save them millions in credit card processing fees.

Greg Sandoval at CNET and the Wall Street Journal and the NY Times are all confirming that Apple has done the deal, so we wait with anticipation to see what comes of it.

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