Apple continues to wow us all with the iPad…. but is it all just hype?

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

There is no doubting that Apple has pulled off something of a ‘blinder’ (apologies to all my non-Brits – means they have done an excellent job) with their launch of the iPad. Not only did they have them queuing in their thousands for more than 24 hours in some cases, but they have sold an estimated 1/2 million or more already! Considering all this is it all still hype? Sure, there are lots of positive reviews and I must admit I don’t have one (we Brits have to wait another month almost before we get our mits on one). So, you may decide to ignore the rest of this article and that’s your right, of course. However, bear with me if you will, at least until I set out my case in more detail.

TechRepublic is wondering if the iPad makes more sense for business rather than consumers and they may have a point. I can see lots of vertical uses for the iPad in medicine, stock control, mobile activities (such as engineers on site etc) and a host of other potential uses. Consumers though… what are they getting for their not inconsiderable expense? Some would argue they are paying through the nose for a bloated iPhone that can’t make phone calls and I for one, can see the argument. After all, the iPad is lacking a camera even.

This also seems to be the view of folk like blogger Jeff Jarvis, who is reported by TUAW to be on the brink of returning his iPad, even though he will get hit for a 10% restocking fee. Apparantly, he’s not alone either. So, maybe its hype after all. Certainly, I am not about to fork out hundreds of pounds for something I have no real use for. Maybe when its on version 3, comes with a decent camera, video capable too and has dropped in price considerably too. Bearing in mind that I have yet to justify an iPhone I think it may be version 4 before I succumb to all the hype.

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