New iPhone found in the wild!

Gizmodo is reporting that it has in its hands a genuine next-generation iPhone and looking at the video and reading the article it certainly seems like they have the genuine article.

The fact that it appears the phone was remotely killed before they could fully examine it convinces me, together with the video and photos that they do indeed have in their hands the genuine article… jealous or what!

If it indeed the new iPhone then it will certainly be worth the wait. it looks like it will have two cameras (one for video calls). The fact that it seems to use a Micro-SIM hints are the possibility of it having other next-gen features, possibly inherited from the iPad?

Whatever the final specification, this is certainly plenty to whet the appetite and is bound to convince most folk not to take the plunge but wait for the new phone to come out some time in June. Apple won’t be happy but then every cloud has a silver lining and this one looks like it’s for the consumer. Apple has billions of dollars anyway sitting around not doing much so I for one am not crying on their behalf. I doubt anyone lese will be either.

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