Vietnamese site leaks details of alleged MacBook update

White MacBook laptop
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The Vietnamese site Tinhte, which recently leaked details fo the next iPhone, has now released details of what it claims will be the next update to the MacBook. Claiming it will have a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU with NVIDIA 320M GPU, the site published pictures and specification for the alleged new model.

Apart from the upgrade to the CPU and GPU, there isn’t much else that seems to have changed. The rumours seem to have some credence,  especially with the pictures of the ‘About this Mac‘ in particular.

There were rumours earlier on various blogs that the MacBook Air would be getting a refresh but it’s looking more like it’s the Macbook itself that will get one first.

If the rumours aer true, it will be a welcome update to the GPU in particular, as the Mac range generally lags behind PC‘s when it comes to graphics performance, making Macs still less attractive for gaming. The refresh will bring the Macbook in line with the baseline 13″ MacBook Pro. What this all means for the MacBook Air is uncertain, with some pundits arguing that Apple is letting it wither on the vine, so to speak. Certainly, if Apple intends to keep it going as a viable product line then a refresh is overdue and one would hope to see improvements made to the CPU and GPU, perhaps with larger SSD capacities as well.

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