Apple’s iPad sales set to rival those of the iPhone

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
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It seems that not only is the iPad proving to be very popular with the consumer, its sales are rocketing. Already it has surpassed sales of the Mac and is now fast catching up with sales of the iPhone.

According to technology analyst at RBC Markets, Mike Abramsky, iPad sales are more than 200,000 iPads  each week in the US compared to 110,000 Mac computers being acquired in the US over the same period and is just under the 246,000 estimated iPhone 3GS being sold.

Extrapolating on those numbers, Abramsky reckons that Apple will sell up to eight million iPad in 2010, that’s more than other analysts have predicted.

The iPad is due to be available for sale in the UK on 28th May, so not long to wait then. However, it was originally meant to be available earlier this month and unless Apple and its Far East partners have been able to ramp up production, its likely that there will be only limited numbers available initially. Guess, if you really want from day one you will need to start queuing early at your nearest Apple Store.

One issue for potential purchasers is that of the Wi-Fi performance. Reports of Wi-Fi connection issues first appeared following the release of the Wi-Fi-only model iPad in early April. One of the most reported problems was weak or fluctuating signal strength, which resulted in slow downloads. Apple also published some temporary fixes at the time. According to Apple these issues affected only a small number of users. Check out for more on this issue from Apple’s perspective.

It’s also looking like Apple isn’t going to have this product niche all to itself for ever, with rumours of forthcoming tablets from the likes of Nvidia with its Tegra 2 Tablet (see article on TechSpot) and others from the likes of HP and Dell. Many of these look like they will be Android-based, which is turning out to be the biggest rival to Apple’s OS.

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