Is Apple about to bring out a mini MacBook Air?

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You would have thought that Apple has enough on its plate at the moment, what with the iPhone 4 antenna debacle and the recent release of the iPad, not to mention the iAd platform and the lawsuits from the likes of HTC. Surely now isn’t the time to be thinking of bringing out a new device? Well, if the rumours are true, then that’s exactly what Apple is thinking of doing.

It seems that Apple may be about to release a mini version of the MacBook Air. Now considering that the reception of the latest MacBook Air update was somewhat underwhelming, this may seem a crazy thing for Apple to be contemplating. What seems even more crazy to some is that the rumoured device will be smaller and thinner than the current MacBook Air, have a 11.6 inch display and thus be about the size and weight of the iPad.

As far as specification, its rumoured the device will also have n Intel Core i-series processor, making it more powerful than the A4 CPU in the iPad. The low voltage CPU (MacWorld UK describe it as ultra low voltage but no hard technical specs are given) may mean a battery-life that compares well with the iPad. If Apple can keep the price low (compared to the iPad and the current MacBook Air) then it may be an attractive device for those who want a bit more than the iPad can offer which doesn’t cost as much as any of the current laptop models.

Only time will tell if the rumours are true and if so, when we might actually see more details on the specification.

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