Could the Apple iTV be getting Apps soon?

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Rumours sloshing around the net are that Apple will soon bring Apps to an updated iTV. It’s been a while since the iTV was last updated and Apple sees it as a ‘hobby’ according to  Steve Jobs. According to Kevin Rose, Founder of Digg, sources within Apple have told him. Let’s hope that if this is indeed the case that Apple doesn’t come down too heavy on the source of the leak. Apple does have something of a reputation as regards these matters.

Rose isn’t alone in thinking that Apple is about to update the iTV. Engadget also claim that ‘trusted’ sources told them a new iTV was on its way soon. However, the rumours also seem to confirm the view that it won’t have full 1080p HD capability, only 720p. Personally, when 1080p is becoming ‘de rigueur’ it seems a mistake on Apple’s part to not add this to the feature list of the iTV. Of course, Apps will be  popular feature and certainly games should prove an attractive feature to would-be purchasers, especially parent so young children as the device could prove to be an alternative to an XBox 360 or a PS3 and even a Wii.

Whether, as some predict, the new iTV will ‘kill’ TV as we know it is another matter. Personally I can’t see it myself. What is certain is that we will increasingly see a move to Apps across the Apple platform and I will stick my neck out and say that we will see Apps replacing the Dashboard widgets in the not too distant future.

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